About Us

The company SkyEdu LLC offers various services in the area of:  Technology, Online education & administration of finances.

We present a team of experts who have more than 40 years of experience in different fields. Our main activity is Telemarketing outsourcing. we help our customers improve their business recognition and B2C or B2B activity on the highest level. Our main goal is the increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness and at the same time decrease unwanted resources. What is our secret? Thinking different, working hard and most of all – Individual processing.  We believe that every client has its special side and we try to find the best strategy for that specific demand. Our main intention is not to search our customers but, them to search us. In order to do so we are working 24/7 which is adaptive on global time zone scale and we put only what’s best on the table.


We believe that customers have to be earned and not bought. Our strategy is individuality; our intention is to leave a trail of success for every individual or a company. Open mind and simplicity is the key to success and since we keep it this way, success has never left us since. Think different and get different result!